• Fully Equipped Offices

  • Training halls and Workshops

  • Dour Customer Service

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Lounge

Dour is my First Baby

Lamya AlkadiCEO of Dour

Dour… a pioneer center for the advancement of Saudi women, much appreciattion for the center team ..

Alanoud Al-AlshiekhOwner of the Uniform shop

Meshbak studio would not success without the services of dour . We are thankful for this promising project

Khansa AbuNajiManageing Director of Meshbk

Dour is my second home ..

Farah NoumaniCEO of 4Events

Fully equipped offices with suitable atmosphere to motivate development and sustainability from the first moment with a bundle of services to make sure to facilitate our clients businesses in the best possible way and the three different packages to satisfy all needs.

In order to provide our direct phone line and line number Ext independent private to private and your office to ease easily communicate with your customers and follow up your own business

Printer Services Office include printing papers – copies of the papers – scanner Exchange

Connecting and providing hospitality for offices and meetings in the halls and service in addition to cleaning your office around the clock and provide the required maintenance on a weekly basis and to make sure it is absent from the office of any malfunction

Our team meets your need and helps you to reach your goals easily and pleased in terms of responding to your inquiries about our services and help you in your booking for meeting rooms and training rooms, and help you in your booking offices for various categories